Advanced Security Engineering.

NUMBERCHECK – Intelligent optical number recognition for harbour, rail and combined transport

NumberCheck is a camera based ID-system, developed by ASE GmbH. It allows the capture, control and supervision of current OCR and LPR – numbers and guarantees at the same time a parallel damage and state documentation.

Railway wagon recognition
  • passenger, goods, tank wagon
  • UIC number
  • Russian tank carriage numbers
  • Brake lever positioncognition

NumberCheck finds its application in e.g. marshalling yards, container terminals, docks, airports, industrial plants and duty stations for train.

  • Capturing / detection of wagon number.
  • Intelligent picture processing and comparison of the grasped numbers with a data base
  • Video recording of passing trains.
  • Retrieval of trains and wagons after numbers, date and time
  • Search for certain wagons.
  • Picture capture of danger good signs
  • Communication with other systems as for example scales, logistics, shunting systems
  • Xml interface to other systems, as for example TrAbSy ( automatic billing system for rail freight ), logistic software tools, filling stations, weighing systems, etc.

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