Advanced Security Engineering.

Biometrical facial recognition – Bidirectional communication software

Biometrical facial recognition
In works with a high factor of security (refinery, chemistry, atomic power station, etc.) raised entrance controls are necessary.

An automatic facial recognition identifies the driver and compares the data with the entrance authorisation. The system allows the integration of the grasped biometrical data in existing access systems

Recording and data comparison with:
  • Logistics leading systems
  • Transport lists
  • Customer /supplier's data
Information and release
  • Information by intercom
  • Issue of loading / unloading papers with bar code
  • Steering system by light signals, boards, etc.
  • Release or alarm
Data bank and picture archive
  • Statistics of entrances and exits (countable function)
  • Sorting functions
  • Searching functions after date, time, truck, driver, picture, danger good sign
  • Object-defined picture data bank

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