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More security at railway stations by means of video surveillance

The austrian newspaper "Österreich" has published an interview with Manuela Sorian, press spokeswoman of the OEBB ( Austrian Railways ).
Since 1st of May 2007, 62 CCTV cameras provide more security at the Grazer main railway station. Recently Manuela Sorian, press spokeswoman of the OEBB drew a first balance. "We obtained throughout positive successes with the monitoring system. Vandalism for example has noticeably degreased ", states Sorian happily. And further: "already the presence of the cameras at the station deters many criminals." But not only the main station of the “Murmetropole” is equipped with cameras. Also at the East Station and in “Puntigam” cameras provide for more security. And more CCTV cameras are to come. Numerous Railway Stations in the Steiermark will be upgraded in the next months. Already on 21 September “Don Bosco” is to follow. "until year end we plan to install CCTV cameras at the stations “Werndorf”,“Pernegg”, Judendorf-Strassenengel”, “Krieglach” and “Rottenmann”, explains Sorian.

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